Southern Baptists Falsely Claim Health Care Reform Funds Abortion

March 23, 2010

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "Southern Baptists Falsely Claim Health Care Reform Funds Abortion." The piece details how--despite the claims of some--the health care reform legislation does not allow new federal funding of abortion. Regardless of what one may think about the legislation, it is important to at least tell the truth about it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the problems with our public discourse are going to continue. Already, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land--who has falsely claimed the legislation funds elective abortions--has started comparing Democrats who passed this legislation through the democratic process to the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor. Such a metaphor is highly inappropriate and demonstrates the unChristlike perspective of the person using it. Sadly, this is not his first time, as Land already invoked the Nazis and the Holocaust in his attacks on those pushing for health care reform. Christian leaders should be setting the example for civil discourse instead of leading the demonization efforts.