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Tweet Jesus

Leadership Journal has an interesting article about churches using Twitter for ministry, including using it during worship services. The main argument for incorporating it is that it makes the service more interactive and allows people to ask questions and give feedback. Since I have not seen this used, I am not entirely sure what I think. But it does seem like an idea that could help people break out of the passive worship rut we often create.


  1. sounds interesting. I can see both sides. I think a lot of times we worry about being too much like the world, and hole ourselves up in a cave when really we should learn, in a way, to adapt. I would like to see it used and see if people are really interested in it. But,I would draw the line at having a holographic image of a pastor in the pulpit. I actually heard that some churches will be doing that in year. Seems kinda creepy...

  2. Yeah, I heard about the holographic preacher tech. Very odd and probably not a good idea.


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