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Off to Federal Court

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The Missouri Baptist Convention had taken a new turn in its nearly eight-year legal crusade against five Missouri Baptist ministries. The MBC has now had its Camden County case against Windermere Baptist Conference Center and others transferred from the state court system to the federal courts. Every judge in the Missouri courts that has examined the merits of the case has ruled for Windermere so the end was likely coming fairly soon. Circuit court judges in both Cole and Camden counties ruled for Windermere, as did a unanimous appeals court (with the state Supreme Court letting that ruling stand). Moving this case to the federal courts unfortunately slows it down and lets it drag on even longer. After wasting millions of dollars of Cooperative Program missions money (and lying about not doing so) and having every judge that has examined the merits of the case rule against them (and after having dropped a similar case against Word&Way), the MBC has nothing to show for their legal fight except a couple of millions of dollars of debt. Seems like Paul knew what he we talking about in 1 Corinthians 6.

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