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  1. Wow, this is scary. When people are so religiously "right" that they believe no one else, no other political party, no other religion than theirs is so right - than I begin to think of the crusades, the Salem Witchcraft Trials, the burning of the heretics .... I mean, the KKK invoked the wrath of God down upon all those who opposed them. The believed the were "right" and all in the name of God.

    As a staunch Democrat and a very strong Christian I just find this wrong, so very wrong.

    It seems they leave out the love, the compassion, ... I only see lightening bolts flashing around all those they oppose.

    I'd also like to know - when did Salvation and political affiliation start to go hand in hand? On Republicans are the truly saved?

    Wrong, so wrong. My God is not affiliated with any political party.


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