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Colbert's Real Faith

The Religion News Service has an article about the religious faith of Stephen Colbert (the real person, not the faux pundit). Diane Houdek explains in it:
He is moving in an extremely secular world--it is hard to get a lot more secular than Comedy Central. ... Yet I feel he is able to witness to his faith in a very subtle way, a very quiet way to an audience that has maybe never encountered this before. ... I think that is a great catechesis for many people because he might be reaching Catholics who never go to church and he is speaking to them in language they can understand.
This is a good point. The article was sparked by Colbert's recent testimony in a congressional hearing (which I reacted to in a recent ChurchNet column). I also previously noted some of Colbert's comments about his faith in the introduction to my book (For God's Sake, Shut Up!). It is nice to see someone sparking discussion about important biblical concepts.

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