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Sacred Texts, Social Duty

Sacred Texts, Social Duty
Recently, I watched the newest documentary created by Ethics Daily, which is entitled Sacred Texts, Social Duty. It includes numerous individuals from various faith traditions discussing tax policies in light of religious teachings. The film was originally supposed to air on ABC TV stations, but ABC did not like a section where several of the interviewees offer moral critique of various aspects of tax policies (apparently, ABC only wanted a generic, feel-good piece about religion and taxes). That is quite unfortunate since it would have started airing in mid-October just as the midterm election campaigns were climaxing. With taxes and other economic issues dominating the discussions in many races, it would have been nice for individuals to be challenged by this thought-provoking film. Regardless of one's economic perspective, it does us all good to stop and think seriously about the religious grounding and implications of our ideas. Hopefully, people will still check out the film and dialogue more about these important issues. You can learn more about the film here.

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