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New Book

New Book
My copies of my new book, Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics, just arrived today. Published by Lexington Books, it examines religious rhetoric in presidential campaigns from 1976-2008, considers important religious-political societal changes that impacted contemporary American politics, and critics the problems of the confessional political style for both democracy and religion. Melissa Rogers of Wake Forest University Divinity School wrote about it:
This treasure trove of stories and statements from the presidential campaign trail will thrill political junkies and captivate all those who care about faith and politics. Brian Kaylor skillfully demonstrates how discussions of a candidate's religious beliefs have become an essential part of running for president, and he offers powerful arguments about what this portends - not only for politics, but also for religious liberty, religion, and our democracy.
It can be ordered from most booksellers, including Amazon (here) and Barnes & Noble (here). You can also order it directly from Lexington (here, but use discount code to save 20%: LEX20JAN11).

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