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In the Eye of the Storm

Just got the copy of my latest academic article. The citation for the piece is:
Kaylor, B., & Credille, P. (2010). In the eye of the storm: Image repair discourse of Dan Rather and CBS after the Bush Guard memos story. Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, 26, 111-124.
It is not online, but here is the abstract:
This study examines the image repair strategies employed by CBS and Dan Rather after the usage of flawed memos in a 60 Minutes report. It examines these strategies in phases, as the rhetors switched strategies to find a more successful message. It also offers several implications for future research on apologia concerning phrases of strategies, credibility of rhetors, the unusual case of journalists engaging in image repair, and the failure of Rather and CBS's image repair efforts.
Also, earlier this week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch included a brief reference to my new book (Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics).

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