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Top 10 Over-the-Top Religious Quotes from Presidential Candidates

The Huffington Post ran my latest piece today, which is entitled "Top 10 Over-the-Top Religious Quotes from Presidential Candidates." It includes quotations (and some commentary) that are included in my new book (Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics). Head over and comment on which one you found the most interesting, unusual, or problematic.

On a related note, Barack Obama demonstrated today that our confessional political system is still alive with his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. In his remarks, he openly testified about his Christian faith and beliefs. In many ways, the speech was designed to set the tone for his reelection campaign as he knows he must convince Americans he is a "good Christian" if he wants to have a prayer of winning again. The National Prayer Breakfast has become controversial the last couple of years because of the secretive group that runs it. Gay-rights activists protested the event and urged Obama not to attend. However, Obama attended anyway because he and his advisors knew they could not afford the headlines and cable talk shows blasts that would come if he broke the half-century tradition of presidents attending the National Prayer Breakfast.

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