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World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day
Today is World Malaria Day, which is designed to raise awareness about malaria and spark action to fight it. In essence, today is about how mosquitoes suck (because they spread malaria). Every 45 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria. Each year, 781,000 die from malaria, even though it is a completely preventable and treatable disease. This afternoon, I joined some of my students on JMU's campus to pass out information about malaria and what can be done to fight it (you can watch a short video recap here). To learn more about malaria, visit You can donate $10 to fight malaria (through Malaria No More) by texting "NET" to 85944. You can also give a life-saving net for just $6 through Let us work together to bite back against malaria!

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