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Condemning Torture

June is "Torture Awareness Month." The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has good resources about the effort to prevent torture (which, by the way, includes waterboarding). Last week, the Baptist World Alliance issued a good statement entitled "Torture - uniquely terrible." It concludes:
Torture is wrong, always and everywhere. Each human is sacred in God's sight, and torture is an assault on that sacredness. Christians, as salt and light, should lead the way in their respective countries in the rejection of torture under all circumstances.
It is good to see Christian leaders standing up against torture, especially since Christian leaders have actually defended its use. A few years ago I wrote a column entitled "Tortured Theology" that critiques Christians who defend torture. I also wrote a couple of news articles (here and here) exposing the pro-torture arguments of some Christian leaders.


  1. U.S. Christian leaders should expend time and resources on eliminating the non-lethal interrogation of terrorist enemies right after eliminating the legality of abortion--lethal torture of innocent babies.

  2. I'm pro-life on both accounts, but we can work on them at the same time.


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