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Conservative Christian Group Seeks New Reagan

Conservative Christian Group Seeks New Reagan
Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "Conservative Christian Group Seeks New Reagan." It is the second piece about a meeting of nearly 80 pastors and Christian leaders meeting in Texas this week (see my first article here). This meeting was a follow-up meeting to one last September (see my article about that meeting here). The group is led by James Robison, who led a similar effort against then-President Jimmy Carter that culminated in a large religious-political rally with Ronald Reagan in 1980. Today's article notes that Robison's group is heavily connected to Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry's planned prayer rally in August (see earlier post here). Robison claimed in an interview with me that he was the one who suggested to Perry that Perry should lead a prayer effort. Robison added that he did so after Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich told Robison that Perry was the governor who could best lead the effort. The Robison group and the Perry rally demonstrate that our age of confessional politics is still alive. Since writing the article, I have learned that Perry actually addressed Robison's group.

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