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Wright's Right

Wright's Right
Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor (see post here), made some interesting remarks recently about Christian communication. At the National Baptist Congress in Fort Lauderdale last month, he argued:
Far too many church folk have nothing to say that causes people to come to Jesus. ... We shout on trash and get quiet on truth.
Criticizing pastors who said the devastation in New Orleans and Haiti were God's punishment, Wright added:
It's ignorance, it's stupid. ... Maybe church folks need to shut up and listen to Jesus.
Amen! Although Wright has in the past been an example of not knowing when to keep one's mouth shut, he is right in this case. His argument here is similar to one I made in my first book (For God's Sake Shut Up!). We must be careful so that what we say bring people to Jesus rather than drive them away.

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