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Just a Little Talk With Jesus

My latest academic study is in the Journal of Media and Religion. Here is the citation:
Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Just a little talk with Jesus: The portrayal of Jesus in NBC's The Book of Daniel. Journal of Media and Religion, 10, 138-151.
Here is the abstract for the piece:
NBC's short-lived show The Book of Daniel sparked intense controversy and outrage among many Christians. Much of the criticism centered on the show's portrayal of Jesus. However, the show's creators contended that it was a reverent depiction. This study analyzes the Jesus character in the show and argues that despite the criticism it was actually a positive depiction of Jesus. Four roles of Jesus in the show are explored: moral conscience, advice-giver, comforter, and inspiration. Implications discussed deal with the cultural battle over how Jesus is depicted and insights this analysis of The Book of Daniel offers for that debate.
Although the show was quickly cancelled, the controversy surrounding it provides insights into cultural debates over how Jesus is depicted.

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