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10 Years Later

10 Years Later
Ten years ago today, our nation and our world changed dramatically. Many aspects of the past decade are different because of the pain and suffering that occurred that day. I still remember that day clearly when, as a Junior in college, I got up that morning and heard NPR talking about a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. At the time, of course, few realized what was really going on. The rest of the day is still etched in my memory as I watched the horrifying images on television. The ceremonies today are poignant reminders of that day (the two photos are ones I took earlier this summer of the construction at the then-unfinished memorial in New York City and of the new One World Trade Center tower still being built).

During the ceremonies today, it was interesting to see the images of the memorials, especially the powerfully symbolic one in New York City that was still a mess when I was there less than two months ago. I will have to return to see and hear the large pools marking the bases of the two towers and to walk around the rest of the memorial. Watching from afar today, the moments of silence as the crowd paused to mark key moments from that day were especially powerful reminders of the need to stop and reflect. May we all take time to pause and reflect. May we all work to learn from the past so we can create a better future. May we all commit as followers of the Prince of Peace to work to end the vicious cycles of violence, pain, and hatred that too often dominant our world.

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