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Political Communication Book Review

Political Communication Book Review
The latest issue of the journal Political Communication reviews my book Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics. Here are a few excerpts from the piece:
Kaylor manages this task well overall, presenting a compelling framework for a new "confessional" style of political communication and incorporating a Foucault-inspired critique of that style's implications for American democracy. ... Kaylor presents a wealth of examples of highly religious rhetoric used by many of the presidential candidates of the past 30 years. Even those of us who study these campaigns may be surprised by some of the excerpts. ... Kaylor sets up a well-reasoned and convincing argument for our current era of confessional politics. ... Overall, Kaylor does a nice job of presenting both a scholarly and philosophical critique of confessional politics. In sum, this book presents a novel and interesting framework for understanding the current style of religious rhetoric in American political campaigns. Students and scholars of religious politics and modern presidential campaigns will find it both useful and informative.
The review was authored by Penelope Sheets of the University of Amsterdam.

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