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No Moore!

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore recently announced he will run again run to be the state's top judge. He was removed from the position in 2003 for violating the law. But now an unrepentant Moore wants to hold the position again. Perhaps the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court should not be an elected position! Moore, who installed a five-ton Ten Commandments monument in the state courthouse, was kicked off the bench after he refused to remove it when ordered to by a federal judge. Last year, my academic study on this controversy was published in the K.B. Journal. Since being removed from office, Moore has been badly defeated in two Republican primaries for Alabama governor. Last year, I wrote a column in the Birmingham News about Moore's second loss. Earlier this year, he decided to run for president. However, the media virtually ignored him as an unserious candidate with no chance of doing well. Thus, he has now shifted course and decided to run instead for his old Supreme Court seat. Hopefully, he will still be seen as unserious and will receive the same treatment Republican voters gave him in the last two gubernatorial elections.

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