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World Malaria Day

Today is World Malaria Day, which is designed to raise awareness about malaria and spark action to fight it. In essence, today is about how mosquitoes suck (because they spread malaria). United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon issued a statement noting both the progress that has been made and the continued need for more work:
Last year on World Malaria Day, we mourned the fact that one child died every 45 seconds from this disease. This year, we have managed to slow the clock. It remains a monumental tragedy that one child dies every minute from malaria, but we can draw some hope from the many lives saved through international interventions. ... In our world of plenty, there is no excuse for not making smart and affordable investments in malaria interventions. A rapid diagnostic test costs about 50 cents while a course of an anti-malaria drug costs only about $1. A bed net that lasts three years and can protect several children costs approximately $5.
Last year, I worked with some students at James Madison University to pass out information about malaria and how to fight it (you can watch a video here). To learn more about malaria, visit You can donate $10 to fight malaria (through Malaria No More) by texting "NET" to 85944. You can also give a life-saving net for just $6 through Let us work together to bite back against malaria!

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