Chikin Faith

August 05, 2012

This past Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of Christians stood in long lines to eat fast food. Specifically, chicken fried up in peanut oil. In doing so, they helped Chick-fil-A set a single-day sales record. And now America has been born again! Or something like that. I avoided Chick-fil-A that day--not because I was taking a side in the controversy but because I hate standing in long lines (especially for fast food) and avoid fast food except when traveling since it is not good for my wallet or waistline. Yet, somehow the eat-healthy-and-lose-weight preacher Mike Huckabee transformed into the cheerleader for Christians gorging on fast food in the name of God. How did this become the issue to galvanize Christians? Who cares if some people got upset by comments by Chick-fil-A's CEO? Let them decide to eat elsewhere. If he has free speech rights to speak against same-sex marriage, then those who disagree with him also have free speech rights to speak against him and his company. Religious rights were not being trampled. Although a few mayors suggested they would stop the company from opening new restaurants in their cities, most have already rightfully stepped away from that threat because it an illegal position since Chick-fil-A still serves everyone and follows the law. No harm, no foul (so we can still fry the fowl). Thus, there really is nothing significant to be worried about here. Yet, somehow this became depicted as a test of Christian principles with Christian groups rallying to the cause to buy truckloads of chicken sandwiches for employees and others. They will know we are Christians by our chikin? Part of Chick-fil-A's record haul came from Christian groups spending their money (received from church tithes). One would almost think this week that Jesus passed around Chick-n-Strips and barbecue sauce for the Lord's Supper. Meanwhile, while Christians filled their bellies with fried chicken and waffles fries (I am getting hungry just writing this!), millions of our neighbors in this nation remain homeless with little or nothing to eat. How many people could we have fed with reasonably-priced (and portioned) meals with the money used on this protest? In Matthew 25, Jesus said we would be judged based on how we treated the hungry, sick, and prisoners. Yet, those groups draw few lines. What an impressive display of faith it would be if hundreds of thousands of Christians stood in lines to volunteer at soup kitchens, hospitals, and prisons. Somehow I bet that would touch people more than our self-righteous fry fest.