September 11, 2012

Democratic Party's Religious Rhetoric Deifies Obama, Demonizes GOP

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is titled "Democratic Party's Religious Rhetoric Deifies Obama, Demonizes GOP." It is my second article (see first one here) on the faith outreach efforts last week at the Democratic National Convention. While yesterday's article dealt with the disorganization and lack of grassroots depth to the faith outreach efforts, today's piece examines the rhetoric at the faith events which exalted President Barack Obama and harshly criticized Republicans. The photo, which ran with the article, is one I took at the Convention of a rabbi showing off his yarmulke that has the Obama campaign on it.

UPDATE [9-12-12]: Robert Parham has a good Ethics Daily column today building on my two articles about the DNC's faith outreach and rhetoric. He points out that Democrats seem to be trying to become what Republicans have rightly been criticized for being.


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