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Friday Photo(s)

This week I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, to experience the craziness surrounding the Democratic National Convention. I attended several Democratic National Committee (DNC) events at the Convention, took n the scene onsite, and attended two screenings of the film "Gospel without Borders" by the Baptist Center for Ethics (see article here). It was very interesting to see what happens at a convention that does not air on TV. Below are some of my photos from the trip, divided up between the three days. Also below are links to some videos I took (and I will be uploading and adding more videos over the next couple of days).

My photos from Monday can be viewed here.
My photos from Tuesday can be viewed here.
My photos from Wednesday can be viewed here.

Leah Daughtry on Religion at DNC
Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Religion at DNC
Emanuel Cleaver on Religion at DNC
Obama Campaign Catholic Outreach
Derrick Harkins at DNC Prayer Gathering
Derrick Harkins & DNC's GrassTops Faith Outreach
Derrick Harkins on "Loving our Neighbor"
Rabbi Urges DNC to Not "Other" GOP
Derrick Harkins on DNC as Party of Faith
Derrick Harkins on DNC & Caring for the Poor
Carroll Baltimore at DNC on Systemic Poverty Issues
Derrick Harkins Defends DNC on God & Platform
Regena Thomas Urges DNC to Stand up for Faith
EPA's Lisa Jackson Praises Faith Community
Simone Campbell on Faith & Taxes
Burns Strider on Democrats & Religion
Kathy Dahlkemper Calls Obamacare "Pro-Life"

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