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Donald Trump as Conservative Evangelical Star?

Donald Trump as Conservative Evangelical Star?
Business mogul and TV reality star Donald Trump will this summer again be a main speaker at a key conservative evangelical conference. The Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC), which was started by Ralph Reed after his fall from political grace (see background on Reed and his political redemption here), invited Trump to speak at their annual rally summer. Trump previously spoke to the group in 2011 (the photo is one I took of him during that speech). I covered the speech in an article for Ethics Daily, in which I noted the rock-star treatment Trump received despite his divorces and love of Mammon. I also posted a couple of videos of Trump from the event (here and here). Trump's popularity with conservative evangelical leaders at the FFC suggests they are acting more on political grounds than religious ones. Trump's 2011 speech also demonstrated the continuing importance of confessional politics on our political system, which is why I wrote about it in the "Afterword" to the paperback edition of my book Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics. His 2013 speech will likely continue the same themes and problems that were seen in his 2011 appearance.


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