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"God Bless America" Serves to Rally Americans to War

My latest academic article appears in the Newspaper Research Journal. The article, titled "'God Bless America' Serves to Rally Americans to War," examines the usage of the phrase "God Bless America" in the New York Times. Here is the citation for the study:
Kaylor, B. T. (2013). "God bless America" serves to rally Americans to war. Newspaper Research Journal, 34, 93-105.
Here is an abstract for the study:
Perhaps more than any other phrase, "God Bless America" best represents America’s civil religion. However, its usage has not been consistent in newspaper coverage. Over 1,700 instances of the phrase from over 120 years of the New York Times are analyzed to determine changes in frequency, source, context, and primary tone. Several important changes are noted and discussed, especially regarding increased use of the phrase in times of war and changes in context and speakers.
The article is not online, but the table of contents for the issue can be found here.

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