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Mennonites in Washington

Mennonites in Washington

Yesterday, I started a three-week visit as a "professor-in-residence" at the Mennonite Central Committee - Washington Office. For the most part I will shadow the office staffers to learn about their work, and I will meet with them to discuss various aspects of their advocacy. I also will do some research with a few decades of archives, and check out things in the District (the first photo is one I took of my desk in the MCC - Washington Office building, and the second photo is one I took of the marker outside the building). I am thrilled at this opportunity and grateful they are letting me follow them around to get a better sense of religious advocacy in the nation's capitol. The Mennonite office brings a unique perspective to questions of religion and politics that differs from many of the other religious voices in this political town, and I hope to better understand some of those important nuances. If you want to learn more about the MCC - Washington Office, visit their website. You could also read about the first twenty-five years of the office (which started in 1968) in a great book I read earlier this summer as preparation: Wise As Serpents Innocent As Doves: American Mennonites Engage Washington.

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