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More BWA Jamaica Reflections

More BWA Jamaica Reflections
Several individuals in four different nations recently offered reflections from the Annual Gathering of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) in Ocho Rios, Jamaica earlier this month (the photo is one I took of a document printed in 20 different languages, thus showing some of the diversity of those at the gathering). I noted some reflections earlier (here), and while there I wrote two articles for Ethics Daily (here and here) and wrote daily posts with photos (here, here, here, here, here, and here). Since then I have run across some other comments. Canada Baptists of Western Canada offered a short report, which noted the "very full and rich days." The first-hand perspective also recognized the potential that a BWA gathering can offer as "a rich learning experience" where one is "exposed to the breadth of global leadership." The Union of Baptist Churches in the Netherlands also offered a short personal report, which noted "the sparkling Jamaican culture is everywhere: music, colors, sun and sand and goodies to eat and drink." The account added:
What makes this a beautiful and rich country, and what Jamaica is blessed with a good present church, with a mature, powerful and enterprising Baptist population. The pastors here are very well trained. It was an impressive visit, with many constructive moments. The Baptist World Alliance is decisive, binding and enriching.
The American Baptist Churches posted a story about the gathering, with photos included. Additionally, a few reports recounted some presentations made by some BWA participants, including Baylor University's press release about Joel Gregory's sermon, and Garner-Webb University's press release about presentations by Donald Berry and Steve Harmon. Similarly, Rod Benson of Australia put a paper he presented online. I met Rod and thoroughly enjoyed talking with him about public policy matters in the land down under. It is good to see the thoughts from Baptists from various countries as they continue the dialogues from the gathering.

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