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Supreme Court Façade

Supreme Court Façade
During my stay in Washington, D.C., I frequently walk past the front of the Supreme Court building. Or perhaps I should say that I walk past something hanging in front of the building. I have visited the building before and walked by it multiple times. But now the building hides behind a large screen with a printing of the building (the photos are two that I took of the screen and the building). Although it looks a little odd, apparently tourists can still get their photo taken so it looks like they are standing in front of the building (although it might be good to go for a cellphone photo to blur the image a bit so it might actually look like the real building). The renovation effort started last year and the screen has covered the building since then, which made for odd-looking images in news coverage of key Supreme Court cases this past year. Considering the firestorms that erupted following a few of the rulings this year, some might even argue the curtained façade serves as an apt metaphor for the Court. Of course, depending on who you ask, which cases were problematic would change. Regardless, the Court's popularity recently sunk to recorded lows, which does not bode well for an already disliked and untrusted government.

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