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Congressional Recess

Congressional Recess
Washington, D.C., seems quite a bit quieter this week after Congress started a five-week recess on Friday. After meeting Friday morning with Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia (see post here) and grabbing a quick lunch, I left the Rayburn House Office Building and noticed a pack of reporters hanging out by the steps of the Capitol building and a parking lot full of cars. So I wandered over to check things out. About that time the House of Representatives ended its session to start the August recess. Within a few minutes of standing there, a group of representatives came bounding down the outside steps of the Capitol to hop in their cars that staffers had roaring and ready to go (the photo is one I took of a few of them, including Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel of New York in the beige suit, exiting the Capitol). A few members stopped for brief interviews with reporters, but most hustled straight to their cars. For about fifteen minutes a fairly constant stream of representatives and staffers paraded down the steps. Although probably not quite a quarter of the representatives made this hasty exit, it was still surprising to see how many were apparently racing to get out of town.

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