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More from Egypt

Ethics Daily posted a Skype interview that Cliff Vaughn did with Tony Peck, General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation (EBF). In the short video, they talk about the status of Egyptian Christians (the EBF is a regional body of the Baptist World Alliance that includes the Egyptian Baptist Convention among its members). Earlier this week I noted some of Peck writings on the situation, but he has since heard accounts from an Egyptian Baptist leader and other Egyptian Christians (you can watch his report below). The situation there continues to be dangerous for Christians, who need our prayers and support. As one of the Mennonite Central Committee's Egypt representatives, Tom Snowdon, explained about Egyptian Christians:
[They are] very conscious of Christ's call to be peacemakers and to be nonviolent. ... It is why they are such easy targets. They tend not to fight back, at least not very much, and they get scapegoated. ... The Christians always want the message to go out that they want the rights of all citizens to be honored.
Both Snowdon and Peck offer a glimmer of hope as they tell about Muslims tying to help their besieged Christian neighbors. Hopefully peace and reconciliation will spread across that nation

Skype Interview: Tony Peck from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

UPDATE [8-23-2013]: The Baptist World Alliance today issued an update on Baptists in Egypt and called for prayer.

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