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On God's Side

On God's Side
Recently I read On God's Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn't Learned about Serving the Common Good, the latest book by Jim Wallis. Having read a few books by Wallis, I found this one to be of a similar spirit. Although his books are good, they begin to run together some (although his new one includes several new examples since he wrote much of it while on sabbatical and away from Washington, D.C.). Additionally, while I generally like his writings, I sometimes feel his urging of cooperation and moderation does not always play out in his political persona and actions. Yet, I still think his newest book is worth checking out, and it would be good if his ideas found greater traction in contemporary politics. As I read the last several chapters during trips on the metro in Washington, D.C., I reflected on both the problems with our political system and the potential hope for greater cooperation for the common good. We need to find a better way to work together, and it would be nice if people of faith - especially Christians - could lead the way in crossing the political divides.


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