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The Question That Never Goes Away

The Question That Never Goes Away
I recently read The Question That Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey. He wrote the book as a bit of a follow-up to his classic work Where Is God When It Hurts? that he wrote over three decades ago. He weaves in commentary and faith thoughts with reflections from three places he visited in 2012: Japan after the Tsunami, the Balkans as they continue to overcome the impact of the violent conflicts of the 1990s, and Newton after the mass shooting at an elementary school. His stories from those three places are powerful and drive the book. Adding to his narratives, Yancey also avoids the temptation of making the issue black-and-white as too many people do. He wallows in the gray areas of pain, suffering, loss, and life. Yancey does not pretend to have the answers (meaning he does not pretend to be God), and that is what makes his book so helpful.


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