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Faith & Politics

Sunday marked the end of my quarter teaching the Jubilee Sunday School class at Harrisonburg Mennonite Church . I led eleven sessions on fai...
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Book Award

At the National Communication Association  in Washington, D.C., on Friday, my latest book ( Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Conf...
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NCA Papers

I made two presentations today at the National Communication Association in Washington, D.C. First, I was a discussant on a panel titled ...
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No Tea Time

Pseudo-historian and religious-political activist David Barton recently garnered buzz as Tea Party activists urged him to run next year for...
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I love fall. The seasonal foods are great, the weather is nice, and the leaves are beautiful. Here is a picture I took at a local park. It w...
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Too Extreme

Voters in Virginia head to the polls tomorrow to elect a new governor. Or, at least some voters (probably not much more than one-third) will...
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