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Guest Speaker on Religious Liberty & Advocacy

Guest Speaker on Religious Liberty & Advocacy
Yesterday, Charles Watson Jr. of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (BJC) spoke to my Political Campaign Communication course at James Madison University (the photo is one I took of Watson during his presentation). Watson, who serves as the BJC's Education and Outreach Specialist, spoke about various church-state issues, the role James Madison (the person) and other religious and political leaders played in establishing religious liberty rights in the U.S., and some contemporary controversies involving religion in the public square. He also explained how advocacy can be done with the Supreme Court (and not just ot Congress and the Executive Branch). He did a great job of helping the students understand the importance of religious liberty and the legacy of their school's namesake. It quickly became clear that more education is needed on critical issues involving religious liberty. We live in an age when many want to change our nation's model to establish their religion (some even trying to do so by wrongly redefining religious liberty to mean you are hurting their rights if you do not let them establish their beliefs). Thus, I am thankful for the witness of the BJC.

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