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Best Advent Calender

This time of year some people open up little cardboard Advent calenders to eat a piece of chocolate each day. But Alan Taylor's photo blog at The Atlantic offers a much better and more inspirational Advent calender: each day he is posting a photo take by the Hubble telescope. This year's calender, where a new image will be added each day until Christmas, can be found here. Some of his Hubble Advent calenders from previous years can also be viewed: 2012 and 2011. I love this idea since these photos seem to perfectly create the sense of awe that is needed in the midst of crass commercialism and crazy schedules. Before I learned of the Hubble Advent calenders, I actually used a bunch of Hubble photos during my sermon last week to make a similar point of the need to enter the Advent season with an attitude of thanksgiving (a few of the photos in the 2011 and 2012 calenders were in my slides). I am looking forward to seeing new images each day.

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