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Top Posts of the Year

With 2013 coming to a close, here is a look of this year's most viewed posts on this blog. There was a large gap between the top post and the next one, and another pretty big gap between that one and the other eight. Out of 184 posts, here are the top ten:
10: Two Baptist World Articles (October 10)
9: Duck, Duck, Goose Egg (December 19)
8: Citizenship Forum (March 12)
7: Warrantless Wiretapping Debate (September 25)
6: Conference Center sues Missouri Baptist Convention (October 29)
5: Guest Speaker on Religious Liberty & Advocacy (November 20)
4: A New Semester (August 27)
3: Prof expects kinder, gentler ERLC (March 27)
2: Forum on Iran's Presidential Election (September 13)
1: Wild Goose Communion (August 15)
Thanks for stopping by this year, and I hope you will come back in 2014!

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