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Appeals Court Rules Against Missouri Baptist Convention, Blasts Its Attorneys

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is titled "Appeals Court Rules Against Missouri Baptist Convention, Blasts Its Attorneys." The article reports on the latest ruling in the lawsuits by the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) against Windermere Baptist Conference Center. Once again, Windermere won and the cases against Windermere are nearly over for good. After nearly twelve years and several millions of dollars, the MBC's legal efforts have gained them nothing but appellate losses. Particularly interesting in the latest appellate court decision is that the unanimous three-judge ruling focuses almost entirely on basic rule violations by the MBC's attorneys. It is a harsh critique that should raise serious questions for MBC leaders about if they want to keep their current counsel.

My article notes Windermere's statement regarding the appellate ruling. I also requested comment from the MBC but did not receive a response. However, their publication (Pathway) did put out a short piece that purports to be about the ruling. Only problem is they do not seem to know what the ruling was actually about. The headline claims it was about the MBC not getting its request for a jury trial and the piece uses the word "jury" four more times even though the word "jury" never appears anywhere in the 23-page ruling. If this misunderstanding of the case is any insight into the MBC's court filings, then no wonder the appellate judges were confused by the MBC's filings!


  1. Carol Kaylor6:57 PM

    Good article. Hopefully this will bring an end to wasting ministry dollars on frivolous lawsuits

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