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Weekly Roundup

Here are a few stories from this week that deserve notice:

* Martin Accad, Director of the Institute of Middle East Studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon, wrote a fantastic piece titled "When the State Starts Crumbling… A Theology of Staying." In it he explains why he sees his calling to stay in Lebanon even as many people leave the nation. On a related note, Robert Parham wrote an Ethics Daily column this week praising the work of ABTS leaders.

* After Kentucky Baptist leaders faced criticism recently for mixing evangelism with 2nd Amendment politics and gun giveaways (see earlier post for background), one Kentucky Baptist leader offered a telling remark:
The recent reports regarding the giving away of guns at wild game dinners have, by and large, missed the essence of the story. ... The offense that many have regarding the guns themselves also causes the greater story to be ignored.
The comment was intended to defend the event by blaming the media for missing the point that the event was only about evangelism, but the last remark actually does the opposite. If the guns cause people to miss "the greater story," then we should avoid tying them to the gospel. As I noted in my first book (For God's Sake, Shut Up!), we need to be careful that our communication does not drive people away from God.

* Two days ago, the news reported the death of a mean, old guy. In life and death he recieved too much attention. So, let us not waste energy on him but instead remind ourselves that God is love so we must love our neighbors.

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