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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup
Here are a few stories from this week that deserve notice:

* On Monday, President Barack Obama welcomed clergy to the White House for the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast. As he does each year, he offered a highly confessional speech. The next day taxes were due. Obama's taxes for 2012 show he and Michelle gave 12.3 percent of their income to charity but just 0.3 percent as a tithe to a church. The disconnect between words and deeds is not a good witness.

* The prestigious Pulitzer Prizes were announced on Monday. The award for Public Service Journalism went to the Guardian and the Washington Post for their stories on the information they received from Edward Snowden. This was the correct call as these stories had the biggest impact of last year and helped people understand the unconstitutional levels of spying by U.S. agencies like the NSA.

* On a more personal "news" front, today I received the official letter from James Madison University giving me a promotion to Associate Professor with tenure. The move comes a year late and with an anti-climatic form letter, but it was still nice news to receive.

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