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Almost Over

Almost Over
The nearly twelve-year legal vendetta the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) launched against Windermere Baptist Conference Center seems to be coming to an end. As I reported in March, the MBC lost its appeal in the Southern District of the Missouri Court of Appeals. The harsh decision blasted the MBC and its attorneys. The MBC previously lost an appeal in the Western District of the Missouri Court of Appeals. After that 2009 loss, the MBC asked the full Western appellate court to review the case but lost that appeal. The MBC then asked the state Supreme Court to hear the case but also lost that appeal. The MBC has now taken those same actions in the Southern appellate case. The MBC already lost its request for the appellate court to reconsider the case, and last week they appealed to the state Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case, the appellate loss will stand as the final judgment. This case could be finally be over quite soon, which would add to the MBC's losses. They already dropped their lawsuit against Word&Way (after the state Supreme Court refused to hear the other Windermere case), they gave a $500,000 settlement in a countersuit by a businessman that emerged from the Windermere lawsuits, and they have spent millions more on the lawsuits. The sooner this all ends, the better for ministry efforts.

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