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Interfaith Alliance Head to Retire

Interfaith Alliance Head to Retire
C. Welton Gaddy at the
2012 Democratic National Convention
The Interfaith Alliance announced yesterday that its president, C. Welton Gaddy, will retire later this year. Gaddy, a Baptist minister, started his tenure at the head of the activist group in 1998. Although the group at times aligns itself too closely with partisan interests, they have been an important voice for religious liberty. As Gaddy said in his retirement announcement:
It has been an honor and a privilege to lead Interfaith Alliance over the last 16 years as we have fought back against efforts to redefine religious freedom based on a narrow sectarian view. ... Our work is not done - my work is not done - but it is time for a new leader to take up the mantel and continue to represent the millions of Americans who understand that religious freedom - our first freedom - is a foundation of our democracy that needs protection, but also understand that it is not meant to be an opt-out for any public policy with which one might disagree.
Gaddy is right that much more work remains.

Gaddy interviewed me on the Interfaith Alliance's radio program, "State of Belief," in 2012. We talked about religion and politics during the ongoing 2012 campaign, as well as my book Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics. Gaddy praised it as "a fascinating book." I appreciated the opportunity to talk about important issues on the program, and it was nice to catch up with him in person months later. I wish him the best as he moves to a new phase in life.

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