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Radio Waves

Last month, the top politico for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) upset some conservative Christians when he made a jab at hateful Christian talk radio. Russel Moore, who leads the SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, stated:
I listened on the way back up here from my home town to some Christian talk radio this week, against my doctor's orders. ... And honestly, if all that I knew of Christianity was what I heard on Christian talk radio, I'd hate it, too. There are some people who believe that fidelity to the gospel simply means speaking, 'You kids get off my lawn.' That is not the message that has been given to us.
Moore is clearly being humorous, but he also makes a good point. He correctly noted that it is not helpful - and probably not Christian - to just condemn without offering a chance for repentance and to attack so hatefully that the love of God is lost. Moore's comments fit nicely with some of the arguments from my first book (For God's Sake, Shut Up!).

Not surprisingly, Christian talk radio hosts quickly condemned Moore for his comments. An article by one Southern Baptist publication ironically condemned Moore by noting Bryan Fischer among the Christian talk radio hosts attacking Moore. It would be difficult to think of a Christian talk radio host more hateful, inaccurate, and unChristlike than Fisher. In fact, Fisher could easily be the unnamed host Moore referenced since Fisher often proves Moore's critique to be correct. Moore later clarified he did not mean to suggest that all Christian talk radio was wrong, but stood by his general call for more redemptive rhetoric that does not merely condemn. Hopefully Christian talk radio hosts will listen to Moore's constructive criticism.

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