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Weekly Roundup

Here are a few stories from this week that deserve notice:

* Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, started offering political sanctuary this week to a man from Mexico who faces deportation. Daniel Neyoy Ruiz will be living in the church with his family until his case is resolved. The church started a "sanctuary movement" in the 1980s that led to hundreds of churches offering their sacred space to assist political refugees. The case offers a good reminder that sacred space inherently has political implications.

* Several press outlets sued Missouri this week challenging the states's secrecy surrounding the drugs the state is using in lethal injections (for background see earlier post). Such secret drugs have been under scrutiny for months, but particularly since the botched execution in Oklahoma. The media lawsuit challenging the procedure makes First Amendment claims, which should be interesting to see how the courts respond. Regardless, it is nice to see this challenge to the problematic secrecy.

* Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association kicked out two churches for not giving to the organization. Even though over 30 churches did not meet the new financial requirement, only the two were kicked out. The Word&Way report offers a sad glimpse at a situation that has occurred in other associations in the state and elsewhere as leaders target a few churches with a broad rule that does not actually capture the issue at hand.

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