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City Council Meeting

City Council Meeting
Speaking at City Council meeting
On Monday night I spoke to the City Council for the City of Jefferson (Missouri). I was one of several speakers there to advocate on behalf of expanding public transportation, since the current schedule remains quite limiting without options in the evenings or on the weekends. Speakers represented diverse backgrounds, including local business owners, educators, social service leaders, and clergy. Several organizations linked together for the effort, including Faith Voices for Jefferson City. A few dozen supporters sat in the room for the long meeting to support the speakers and let councilpersons see their support for a more vibrant public transportation system (we all wore a sticker to mark our cause).

I focused my remarks on the role of government as found in key moral teachings (from my background as a former Baptist pastor and current ministry staffer) and basic democratic principles (from my background as a political communication professor at a state school in Virginia named for the father of the U.S. Constitution). I also added some remarks in my allotted three-minute time to rebut some of the comments from a couple of council members earlier in the meeting who seemed to dismiss the proposal merely on the issue of funding. While funding issues are important, that is not where the policy-making discussion should start. Instead we decide what must be done and then figure out how to fund it. You can watch my remarks on the City Council's webpage (I start talking just before the 02:11:00 mark). Although the City Council did not vote on the initiative, the major did put the issue on the agenda for a working session for the group later this month. Hopefully the information collected during the next few weeks will help them make the right decision.

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  1. Carol Kaylor8:27 PM

    Thanks for posting this and taking time to attend the meeting. Glad to have you back in Jefferson City.


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