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Good Resolution

Messengers at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) yesterday adopted a resolution condemning predatory payday lending. Here are a couple highlights from it:
WHEREAS, Predatory payday lending is a direct violation of the Love Commandment (Mark 12:20–31; Luke 10:25–37); and
WHEREAS, Predatory lending fails to respect the dignity of the person created in the image of God and interferes with human flourishing; 
... RESOLVED, That we call on governing officials to investigate current payday lending abuses in their communities and institute just regulations and policies that terminate the practice of predatory payday lending; and be it finally 
RESOLVED, That we strongly admonish those who are engaged in the practice of predatory payday lending to consider the great damage they are causing in the lives of vulnerable people and to adopt a just lending model.
It is good to see this witness against an exploitive industry. Although resolutions are not binding, hopefully it will encourage more Southern Baptists to speak out on this issue. There have been a lot of faith groups pushing legislative reforms, and I am excited that some of my Churchnet colleagues (like Jim Hill and Jeanie McGowan) have helped lead such efforts in Missouri. It would be good to see more Southern Baptists involved in this prophetic witness for justice.

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