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Lohman's Landing

Lohman's Landing
(photo credit: Brian Kaylor)
Yesterday, I went with my family to enjoy a celebration of the 175th anniversary of the creation of Lohman's Landing, a building that survived from the early days of the formation of business and trade in the City of Jefferson. Constructed not long after the city became the seat of Missouri's government, the building now serves as a museum to memorialize life in the mid-1800s. The event on Saturday included children's games from that time, demonstrations of activities (like rope-making and quilting on a loom), and a band playing and singing German folk music. Many of the people were dressed in 1800s clothing, including the band and a couple of dancers. The image of the man sitting next to the old loom holding a plastic water bottle (with a car and a train in the background) caught my attention as an interesting mix of past and present. Although the event provided hints of life in the past, it was mostly an entertaining version. But it all made for a fun time with the family. And we were even mentioned in the Jefferson City News Tribune's article about the event.

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