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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup
Here are a couple stories from this week that deserve notice:

* In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this year that sadly allowed prayers at local legislative government meetings, an atheist gave the "prayer" this week at the town council from where the case emerged. This should lead Christians who praised the ruling to pause. Since all faiths must be treated equally, the ruling has created a system where non-Christian prayers can become part of the official governmental meetings. Does that really honor God to merely include Christian prayers on a rotating schedule? Seems like another reason to keep prayers out of the governmental meetings and instead work on truly living out our faith.

* The St. Louis Post Dispatch rightly praised Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for vetoing a fake "reform" bill on predatory lending. I share their hopes that the death of this bill will help lead to true reform. The article included a graphic with a quotation one of their previous editorials about the bill that colorfully captures the problem. I am thankful for the witness of groups like Missouri Faith Voices that are working for real reform.

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