August 29, 2014


'Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace. As the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Territories fades from the news (thanks to the ADHD of U.S. media that moves onto another topic for superficial coverage), a group of conservative …
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August 25, 2014

Fare Thee Well (Again)

As of today I am no longer employed by James Madison University (JMU). My Facebook feed fills up today with former colleagues and students noting the first day of classes on the beautiful JMU campus. My feelings are mixed. Saying "farewell" seems to…
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August 20, 2014

Some Baptists in St. Louis Respond to Ferguson Crisis

Ethics Daily ran my latest article on Friday. The piece, "Some Baptists in St. Louis Respond to Ferguson Crisis," looks at how various Baptist churches in the St. Louis area are working to help build peace and reconciliation in their community in th…
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August 14, 2014

Baptists Without Borders

My latest column ran in the Churchnet newsletter page in this week's issue of the Word&Way . The piece, titled "Baptists Without Borders," reflects on the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance last month in Izmir, Turkey. The church …
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August 11, 2014

Hot Balloon!

A few weeks ago a hot air balloon flew quite low right over our house. I first saw it over our deck just after it passed our house. I'm not sure how close it flew to our rooftop, but based on how close it seemed to our deck it passed over our house much c…
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August 8, 2014

Jonah's Revenge

In middle school and high school I performed in my church's puppet ministry. We were good, even traveling to other churches to perform our songs. I was, of course, a star (sometimes literally playing the part of a star for Christmas). One of the many song…
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August 6, 2014

Casting My Vote (All Day)

I voted yesterday. That's not unusual. I am nearly religious about voting, showing up anytime the voting booths are open! But yesterday brought a couple of new voting experiences for me. It marked the first time I voted since moving from Virginia back to …
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August 4, 2014

Better Than New

A recent encounter with a stranger on the street continues to stick in my thoughts. As a bit of an introvert, I generally am not one to start conversations with random strangers. I am even less likely to to do this when traveling overseas. Yet, there I stood …
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August 1, 2014

Holy Ground

I sent out my monthly email update for August, which notes some of my recent publications and highlights my recent trip to Izmir, Turkey for the Annual Gathering of the Baptist World Alliance . You can read the update here and subscribe for future editions on…
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