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Baptists Offer Divergent Responses to Obama's ISIS Speech

As acts of terrorism and violence in Syria and Iraq continues to make the news, President Barack Obama took to primetime on Wednesday night to lay out his proposals for more U.S. military intervention. Even before his speech ended, pundits and politicians took to Twitter and elsewhere to sound off with their take on his speech and ideas. Some religious leaders also offered their opinions. Ethics Daily ran my latest article today on some of those responses. The piece, "Baptists Offer Divergent Responses to Obama's ISIS Speech," covers a variety of comments.

"We really need faith leaders to offer moral critique in war debate, not leave debate to partisan politicians, snarky pundits," Robert Parham explained.

There are some good debates occurring about what should be the moral response. There are also, unfortunately, some Christian leaders instead using the situation to peddle false attacks on another faith. Hopefully Christian leaders can offer a strong moral voice amid the partisan politicians and snarky pundits.

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