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More Cuba Photos

More Cuba Photos
Earlier this week, I posted three photo albums from my trip to Cuba. Those albums are:
Cuba, part 1 (COEBAC)
Cuba, part 2 (Ciego de Ávila) 
Cuba, part 3 (Christian groups)
I have sorted through the rest of my photos and created three more albums. Since we traveled around - first from Havana to the middle of the island and back and then from Havana to the western part of the island and back - we saw quite a bit of the countryside and a few small towns along the way. A lot of this involved seeing rural life and some beautiful mountains. I put those photos together in an album: Cuba, part 4 (Countryside)

One part of the visit I enjoyed was seeing the political signs and some patriotic memorials. It is interesting and informative to see how other countries celebrate their heritages, and it was especially fascinating since this was my first visit to a socialist/communist nation. I created an album full of political billboards, as well as some interesting memorials and government buildings: Cuba, part 5 (Political/Patriotic)

Havana is an impressive city that clearly used to be quite a jewel. It was the city we spent the most time in, so it made for a lot of photos: Cuba, part 6 (Havana)

Ethics Daily created a Pinterest news story of many of my photos: U.S.-Cuban Baptist Meeting


  1. Brian,

    Looking through your 3rd album, I think picture 51 is mistakenly identified as an avocado tree. Definitely looks like unripe oranges to me.

  2. Oops. Thanks, Gary! Found a photo I took of avocados and they're clearly different. I changed the caption to note the non-orange oranges!

  3. One more quick memory refresher. The unidentified drink (think it's slide 138 in the Havana album) is tamarind juice.

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