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Some Cuba Photos

Some Cuba Photos
I have enjoyed reliving my recent week in Cuba by sorting through photos (which is a lot since with digital cameras I figure why not take a photo). I am splitting them into various albums to share so there is not one massive one. Here are the first three albums, with some captions to help tell the story. But feel free to ask questions in the comment sections of the photos and I will add more details about what is in the picture. I will post more albums later this week.

The key event I attended in Cuba was the 40th anniversary celebration of the Coordinación Obrero-Estudiantil Bautista de Cuba (Coordination of Baptist Workers & Students in Cuba). The group, usually called COEBAC, seeks to help Cuban Baptists engage in their context and society. The album from that meeting primarily features speakers: Cuba, part 1 (COEBAC)

The two-day COEBAC event occurred in Ciego de Ávila (a city in the middle of the island). Other than Havana (coming in a later album), Ciego is where I spent the most time in Cuba. I enjoyed the time in that city and hope the album captures it: Cuba, part 2 (Ciego de Ávila)

In addition to joining the COEBAC meeting at a Baptist church, we also visited a Baptist church in Pinar del Río, the seminary of the Western Baptist Convention in Havana, and the offices of the Cuban Council of Churches in Havana. These various visits to Christian groups are combined in one album: Cuba, part 3 (Christian groups)

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