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From the Sky

"Revenge will only perpetuate the trauma..."

When Barack Obama campaigned on "hope" and "change" in 2008, foreign policy emerged as an area where his message especially resonated with many voters. The previous administration mislead the country into a misguided war and violated international laws by authorizing torture. However, rather than helping the U.S. take a more moral path, Obama often continued the George W. Bush approach. The Guantanamo Bay military prison remains open (in Cuba) despite his promises to shut it down. The U.S. has apparently stopped torturing people, but Obama has not opened up the full records on that shameful chapter nor prosecuted those responsible. He launched numerous military efforts, showing himself committed to Bush's vision of violent regime change. But perhaps his most shameful foreign policy legacy will be his drone policy.

"The dilemma for the warrior is that he mourns when civilians die here and ends up killing civilians there."

Obama created a "kill list" to make himself judge, jury, and executioner. He even authorized the killing of U.S. citizens despite the constitutional rights of the citizens. As his drone policy kills many innocent civilians (that his administration tries to cover up), Obama is joining Bush in making the region less stable and more open for terrorists. So much for hope and change. Surely there must be another way.

"If you choose to answer in a peaceful manner, doesn't mean you ignore the truth."

Several journalists and activists have helped expose the immoral and counterproductive nature of Obama's drone policies. However, sometimes artists are needed to help people really see something. Fortunately, Ian Ebright took up that mission with his short film From the Sky. His 18-minute film explores the impact of drones on the people who live beneath them and offers competing perspectives on how to respond. The film beautifully captures the tragic immorality of the U.S.'s drone efforts. The quotations in italics in this post are from the film's dialogue, which covers a lot of important religious and political ground in a short time.

After a successful run on the film festival circuit - with 11 official selections and 3 awards - the film can now be seen for free on Vimeo or YouTube. Watch it! It only takes 18 minutes and is entertaining, and thought-provoking. I am proud to be listed as an Associate Producer for this fine film. We need to find a way for real hope and change.

"I've seen resistance consume a man."

FROM THE SKY - short film from Ian Ebright on Vimeo.

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